Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Rope, The Knife and The Bomb

The very first post on my blog was based on a random immature thought and the characters from the movie “The Dark Knight”.  Coincidentally the twenty fifth post is about “The Dark Knight Rises“. This one does not deviate from the movie unlike the latter. I sincerely request people to read this article ONLY after watching the movie.

I must confess that I had forgotten parts of the story, i.e., the trilogy. I had to recall these details before I wrote this article. Just to pay attention to the big picture. I have to tell the reader that I didn’t watch or understand the trilogy in the order it was made.  The reason being

1.I was too immature to understand Batman begins when I watched it.

2.I was too confused with myself when I watched The Dark Knight.

The whole image became clear only when I watched the last part. I revisited the other  two parts after I watched the last movie. I think I can speak.

Evil versus Good, or is it the other way around? Does the order I choose force you to judge me? Judge me whether I am an optimist or a pessimist? Well, I really don’t understand the point. This theme has attracted the attention of many storytellers. The story teller and the audience have always wanted to see evil defeated and the good to triumph. This altruistic emotion is supposed to be a virtue, though the mind does possess equal abilities to practice the vices. Let me make myself clear. I enjoy seeing evil defeated though I embrace certain vices myself. I believe that it is true with many individuals. The only difference is , some choose to hide it; while others honestly declare it.

Fear. Hmmm, that is something we would love to loose. Fear of death in particular. Sages and philosophers have spoken elaborately on the finiteness of this existence. How does one conquer them? By relinquishing everything that we love and care for? By having no desires? Humour me.  We’re all tied to the rope. The rope that Wayne had to reject is the rope we are clinging to.

Good? The moment you’ve said that word, you’ve made way for its opposite. Good is an integral part of bad, bad is a twin of good. I might be speaking nonsense. Think again. Would you call something as good if you didn’t know the opposite of that particular thing? Would the atom exist (let alone it’s stability) without the negative and positive charges? We need to give some space for this thought as well.

Chaos. Is it fair? Who controls it? Where does it want to lead us ? Is the plan its greatest enemy? We have more questions than answers on this topic.

The Dark Knight, i.e. the second movie of the trilogy was the most philosophically intriguing story among the three. It had the tactical/logical advantage over the other two. The first one had the obligation of building the beginnings of the trilogy. The last movie had the responsibility to end the trilogy with a bang. The second one had no such obligations. There were many unexpected surprises in the second movie (I don’t deny that there were surprises in the last one). The joker was undoubtedly the most charismatic villain in the whole trilogy.

Anne Hathaway must be given credit for pulling of a good one as a cat burglar. Her sexy image didn’t come in the way of the charm of the role she was given. No other actress could have struck the right balance between humour, disregard for virtue, glamour and swiftness as she did in her performance. Needless to mention Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne), Micheal Caine( Alfred Pennyworth), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), and Gary Oldman (James Gordon) live up to their characters as usual.

I don’t want to make this too long. I feel that Christopher Nolan has made a fine contribution to cinema by taking a DC comic character to new levels of greatness. The subject of Triumph over Evil was treated along with the notions of fear, chaos, love, darkness and human emotions. Not many movie makers will be able to reach the new standards that Mr.Nolan has set.

Did I choose an appropriate title? Did I talk sense? I’m all ears.


  1. I very much had many similar thoughts. especially that of the rope.Very "subtly emphasized" in the Movie as well.The dark Knight is certainly a battle of minds and virtues/ethics and not just a whale-squid fight.

    The JOKER is the best villain of the series given his humble rise without the aid of any league of shadows or any such training.the very fact that he actually "wins" in the end by turning spotless Harvey Dent into a vengeful villain is a testimony to his villainy.

    The article is a good read and i would like to pinpoint one more thought about TDKR.
    Woman can break you or make you :D choose your woman well ;)

  2. Humble origins is not the reason for Joker's greatness da. It's the element of surprise and his great understanding of psychology that made him great.
    BTW the last advice on women was unsolicited and inappropriate in this situation